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One pack can be used multiple times. Pack expires only when you consume all minutes.

Expet advice with timepacks is more easier and more efficient as compared to a traditional method of pay per minute.

You use expert's service on minute basis disregards of asking price per minute.

You have freedom to buy any number of timepacks. There is no expiry date for using timepacks.

Popular pack can be used for Popular Experts, Preferred Pack can be used for Preferred Experts and Premier Pack can be used for Premier Experts only.

Each time you contact your expert you get three (3) minutes free as an introduction time..

3 Wonderful Time-Packs

For peace of mind and inner calm.


Popular Pack
40 Minutes - You get forty minutes with Popular psychic experts who have have gone through a specialized interview process to ensure that you can enjoy a confidential reading with a psychic who has proven abilities and strengths.



Preferred Pack
40 Minutes - You get forty minutes with our Preferred psychics experts who have developed a reputation with our customers for providing confidential, insightful guidance on matters of love, relationships, and careers.



Premier Pack
40 Minutes - You get forty minutes with our Premier psychics experts who are most popular psychics for a reason – they'll provide you with the needed supportive insight to help you take the next step forward in life with confidence.