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All Premier experts $5.00/min with your time pack.

Choice to buy and assign multiple packs. One time pack can be used till last minute.

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In $100 Deal you enter chat with expert having 20 minutes. You get first three minutes free with every new chat session.

For chat sessions to be @$5.00 you will have to buy Premier time pack. You get total 40 minutes for chat time. This excludes free time wihicho you always get. This time pack can be used multiple times till your last minute is consumed.

Free intro experts are who are ready to talk with you for maximum of 5 minutes. Experts are not allowed to do any kind of reading in free time. However you can ask if expert can help you in particular area or with specific question.

You must have at least $100 balance in your account to have Free intro. Second free intro with same expert can be held afer 24 hours. Maximum two Free intros are allowed in 24 hours.

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Yogiraj Astrologer

Yogiraj Astrologer - Astrology $10.49/min

Contact for ASTROLOGYCAL readings and time frames

I am here to help you and guide you to perfect and accurate solutions for your Future Present and Past life prediction services with high quality. Try me now.



Intuitive Anja psychic

Intuitive Anja psychic - Relationship Repair $17.99/min

Share your problem get instant solution

Choose 100% Anonymous Secure Online love psycic healing>



Charity Spiritual Healer

Charity Spiritual Healer - Relationship Repair $19.99/min

Share your problem get instant solution

Choose 100% Anonymous Secure Online love psycic healing.



Instant Psychic Connect

Instant Psychic Connect - Career and Work $10.49/min

I will help you with my ability fior your career

My consultation guide you to choose the right business and and mention the luckiest time of your trade venture.



Dylan Future Psychic

Dylan Future Psychic - Black Magic $10.99/min

Psychic divination readings and connections

By using my powerful mantras If you love someone want to marry your love but your parents are not agreed for your love marriage or facing any kind of problem.



Ivanka Chat Psychic

Ivanka Chat Psychic - Pet Psychics $15.99/min

I use the abiltiy to deeply understand pets needs

I am all caretakers of the earths creatures and help you see your current situation clearly clarify your needs and act with confidence.




JENNIFER LUNA - Cheating And Affairs $10.49/min

Expertised relationship psychic reader

I provide accurate, detailed and in-depth guidance based on the energy patterns and intuitive psychic messages from Angels and Spirit guides.